Brian Nicol

Brian has earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious University of Waterloo. Prior to entering a career in real estate, he was a seasoned professional possessing over 20 years of exceptional business and marketing expertise acquired as a mid-level executive with Bell-Northern Research and Alcatel in the USA. He has been the recipient of many awards for outstanding performance and customer service. Through his corporate business experience, Brian developed a highly successful blend of results-oriented business skills and a friendly, approachable interpersonal style.

The extensive training and experience earned through his former career are a valuable asset in real estate. Real estate is so much more than “just sales” – it involves performing a number of roles including being a consultant, problem solver, researcher, promoter, negotiator, good listener, and effective communicator. Having personally moved eight times, including internationally, he is sensitive to the client’s perspective and will be there for you through the whole real estate buying and selling process; he does not even disappear after you move and continues to be a resource for you.

Brian has extensive experience and training in negotiation. Negotiation is so much more than just price. He will ensure that all aspects of the negotiation process are handled professionally to achieve a positive outcome. Brian has had much experience in handling multi-million dollar contracts so you can feel comfortable entrusting him with your investment in property and lifestyle.

In 2015, Brian celebrated his 35th anniversary with his wonderful wife Kerstin. Their daughter is grown up now allowing him more flexibility with his real estate business. He loves the island lifestyle and believes this is one of the best places in the world to live.

He looks forward to representing and protecting your interests and providing uncompromising service. Brian invites you to contact him today to find out what “Legendary Service!” and “Building Clients for Life – One by One!” is all about.


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