Angela West

Angela West grew up with a love of real estate. When she was a little girl, her version of playing house even included dealing with conveyancing and fixed mortgage rates. This stuck with her through her childhood, and eventually became a part of her studies in Vancouver where she went to post-secondary school. She enjoyed the city life, reveling in the fast-paced technological world it had to offer, but it didn’t replace the rustic feeling of home that only Nanaimo had. It wasn’t long before she returned to the island to raise a family with her husband.

These days, she spends her time in Nanaimo, still pursuing her passion, only now as a REALTOR® with an entire island of beautiful properties to think about – a dream come true.

Angela’s family has been in the business for over 25 years, and while that may have been a large factor in her love for real estate, the core of it developed from her innate drive to pay it forward and find people homes.


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